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“You only need three guiding principles: show up, tell the truth and be on time.”
Brian Matt
Altitude, Inc.

Members Speak

As owner of a product innovation firm, I am connected to many organizations, but APDF is the only one that provides me direct, peer-to-peer context to drive business direction. APDF offers a welcoming and open environment to discuss difficult business issues with others that are walking in my same shoes!

Brian Matt, Founder and CEO of Altitude, Inc.
Somerville, MA 


We have been APDF members for many years. We have grown 300% and are now part of a bigger community of knowledge. I'm not much of a joiner, but I've never been with a group of people that are more like me in so many ways. When you own/run a design consultancy, it is a lifestyle, not just a career. While having a martini with my APDF buddies, I feel free to talk about issues no one else would care about or have knowledge of. I've always been amazed at the level of knowledge available to me within minutes of a phone call or e-mail.

Karl Bischoff, President, Phinney Bischoff Design House
Seattle, WA 


APDF provides a forum for sharing a wealth of knowledge and insights that only design firm owners and leaders can provide. Members are incredibly savvy business people—often self-taught—and that's why this resource has become such a lifeline for us. I've been an active member for 15 years and have made lifelong friends with both communications and product design firm owners. It's also been an excellent resource for developing the next generation of leaders within our management team.

Gary Baker, President, Baker Brand Communications
Santa Monica, CA


I participate in numerous trade associations, but APDF holds a special place in my heart. Unlike any other group, APDF provides a close-knit, non-competitive peer group that helps me stay up-to-date on global design trends and opportunities. The agency leaders participating in APDF are incredibly smart and genuine people. APDF provides us with lasting friendships that are extremely valuable, both personally and professionally.

Steve Rosenbaum, President and CEO, Pop Art, Inc.
Portland, OR



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