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“You only need three guiding principles: show up, tell the truth and be on time.”
Brian Matt
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Founded in 1985, the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF) is comprised of leading firms that consult in the use of design to help drive innovation and strategic business success. Member firms represent a diverse collection of design skill sets including identity, experience, environmental, branding, packaging, interactive, product, engineering and industrial design. APDF serves its member firms by emphasizing design as a business and providing a forum for industry leaders to grow their business skills, and their businesses, through education, interaction and collaboration.


Our Mission

The Association of Professional Design Firms is an organization dedicated to elevating the standards of professional business practices for design consulting firms through education and the exchange of knowledge.

We aim to gain greater recognition for the role the design consultant plays in achieving the goals of business and society. Our strength lies in our ability to learn from each other by networking and openly sharing information, thereby helping member firms improve their performance through better internal management and procedures.


Membership Eligibility

Membership in the APDF is open to consulting firms whose primary business is identity, experience, environmental, branding, packaging, interactive, product, engineering and industrial design. The firm must subscribe to high standards of design professionalism and business conduct. Candidate firms should be established in business for at least three years. Firms must be financially stable, operate independently and maintain a suitable place of business.


APDF's member roster is comprised of roughly an equal number of product, communications and interactive design firms, with many offering a mix of services. APDF membership belongs to the FIRM. One person from the firm, preferably and owner or partner, is designated at the Voting Member. All employees of a member firm are eligible to participate in association activities.


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